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Recipient of the 2006 Parenting Magazine Best DVDs of the Year!

Fresh beats, fun play, energizing exercise, and stimulating baby massage, Baby Tata an innovative approach to infant massage!

Baby Tata introduces parents to the ultimate experience in infant massage, exercise and play! Featuring stimulating baby massage therapy, karaoke sing-a-longs, innovative games, original animations, and energizing exercise routines, Baby Tata provides hours of bonding and delight, all of it set to a fantastically compiled original soundtrack that includes artists such as Raffi, Dan Zanes, Ricky Skaggs, Billy Jonas, Ed Feldman and Neel Murgai!

Certified infant massage therapist, Monica Doshi, LMT, CIMI, NCMT takes you through the baby massage routines by demonstrating the basics of infant massage, play, and exercise.

The Baby Tata Infant Massage DVD is intended to create an opportunity for parents and caregivers to spend quality time with their infantsshared time that can be enjoyed by parents as much as babies. Research has confirmed that spending twenty minutes a day of focused, quality time with a baby can make a positive difference in his or her development.

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